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Emulators help you to emulate or let you create that virtual environment which your desired game need. For example if you are using Xbox emulator then this emulator would create same environment as if the CD is running inside Xbox.

That is why you can have fun on your PC and it does not matter which CD you have, whether it is PS, PS2 or Xbox. Just have fun with all of them below.

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PS2 emulators is the most popular category of our website and since PS2 is made, these emulators also got born and PCSX2 is the only most popular emulator which runs most of the games.

Since PS2 became popular people became more and more demanding for PS2 emulators for playing PS2 CDs that is why we thought to fulfill thier desires and added a section which contains a lot of PS2 emulators to downlot no cost.

The most and most popular PS2 Emulator downloaded is PCSX2 and its developers are really worng hard to make it more and more better than ever but as you know exceptions always exist

First I should let you introduce about Sony PS2